Health and aging problems can catch us by surprise.

Aspiring to age in place requires

readiness, planning and support.

Clients contact Aging Advisory Services to understand the options and resources available in response to aging concerns. While the need for knowledge is considerable, knowing where to turn, what questions to ask, and who is a reputable and reliable resource can be a daunting task.

Aging Advisory Services is a response to that need.

We step in to help plan for and manage current issues and longer-range concerns with an emphasis on extending independence and quality of life in the comfort of one’s own home.

To achieve this, our services fall into four categories:

#1 General Assessment and Education Regarding Aging In Place

● We begin with an assessment of client circumstances that can include discussions around aspirations, current health, medical history, living situations, family and social networks, legal and financial considerations, and other conditions that influence the need for care. Priorities and goals along with any obstacles will be identified.

● As appropriate, family members, healthcare providers, caregivers, and others may be brought into the assessment discussion.

● An Assessment Report is prepared with recommended short-term and long-range action plans and next steps to facilitate aging in place. Should staying at home no longer remain an option, we can guide clients through a process of identifying resources to support alternative transitions.

#2 Home Safety Evaluation and Modification Management

● When staying at home is a client’s choice, we conduct a home survey for an evaluation of safety, security, livability, and lifestyle concerns within the residence.

● An Aging in Place Action Plan is prepared with regard to functional and aesthetic elements for home modifications (short-, mid-, and long-range), including recommended resources, next steps, and associated costs.

● Project Management is available for home safety modifications and extensive upgrades. This can include preparing a scope of work with budget and timelines; coordinating logistics; and liaising with the client, contractors, designers, and vendors.

#3 Support for family Caregivers to Achieve Better Outcomes and Peace of Mind

● Coordination of in-home services with clients, care providers, and vendors.

● Conversations with clients to help relieve some of the emotional and physical stress of caregiving on spouses and adult children.

● Consulting with estate planners, attorneys, insurance specialists and other service providers on a client’s behalf to ensure optimal care, including for a surviving spouse or partner.

#4 Recommendations to Reliable Resources

Based on a client’s preference, we can personally facilitate introductions to resources via a curated network of Certified Senior Advisors®, Certified Aging In Place specialists, and other professionals with expertise in:

● Home remodeling, design and the latest technologies for ease of accessibility for aging in place
● Home health care and wellness 
● Home organization
● Relocation, downsizing, and senior living options 
● Elder law
● Estate planning and finance
● Insurance
● Family mediation and end-of-life planning

Our Fees

While fees are customized to specific client needs and levels of service, the typical starting point is a Comprehensive Needs Assessment which has a set fee of $350. 

Services and fees are structured in three categories:


Comprehensive Needs Assessment

$350 flat fee 

  • In-home interview covering current circumstances, health, resources, lifestyle, and goals for aging in place 
  • Home safety evaluation of interior and exterior living space 
  • Written assessment report and scheduled call to review outcomes and recommended strategies to move forward. 

Client Advocacy

Charged at an hourly rate and can include

  • Responding to difficult situations, such as planned and unexpected hospitalization, cognitive issues, family dynamics, etc. 
  • Recommending and assembling vetted referrals and resources
  • Providing support and guidance to family caregivers
  • Facilitating long term care and medical insurance claims.
  • Advocacy on behalf of client with health providers, public agencies, service providers, billing disputes, etc.  

Home Modification Projects

Charged hourly or a retainer can be established against which services are charged. These can include

  • Assess home for safety and accessibility needs, including remodeling and retrofitting

  • Plan modifications with healthcare professionals

  • Source and coordinate skilled contractors, trades, and vendors

  • Manage project from start to finish for efficient execution 

For a complimentary 30-Minute consultation